DreamCatchers launched in UK

In association with Kea, The New Zealand High Commission and The New Zealand Society, Dream Catchers was launched at New Zealand House in London on Tuesday 28th October.

Dream Catchers is an inspirational online/television series celebrating New Zealand’s global success stories, starting with those based in the UK with the opportunity to expand to Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific.

New Zealanders have always punched well above their weight and helped shape the world we live in with historical figures such physicist Ernest Rutherford, lexicographer Robert Burchfield editor of The Oxford English Dictionary, suffragette Kate Shepherd, crime novelist Dame Ngaio Marsh, Bruce McLaren and his Formula One legacy, Sir Edmund Hilary and most topically, Air vice-Marshall Sir Keith Park, charged with defending London and England during The Battle of Britain, he was dubbed ” The Saviour of Britain”.

Dream Catchers is a series that reminds us of these heroes and celebrates our more contemporary success stories.

We currently have New Zealanders in the UK heading up major corporations such as The Virgin Group and Virgin a Media, the NHS, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas previously ran The a City of London and now sits on some of its most prestigious boards, Bruce Anstey, master of the legendary Isle of Man TT Races and our young guns of racing, Mitch Evans and Richie Stanaway, fashion designer to royalty Emilia Wickstead, Masterchef Professionals judge Monica Galetti, to name a few. We have stars of stage and screen, barristers and baristas, divas and designers, entrepreneurs and extraordinary Kiwis doing amazing things.

The series is created and fronted by Hilary Timmins a New Zealander with 22 years’ experience on television now living in the UK. Hilary arrived in the UK just after the Christchurch earthquake and it was during the many fundraising initiatives in London that she discovered so many of these remarkable New Zealanders.

“I want to create a series that is inspirational and aspirational particularly for young New Zealanders about to embark on their future careers, to show them the world has no limits, we may be small but what a difference we can make. This is not about leaving New Zealand behind this is about taking New Zealand to the world and all the reciprocal benefits that has to New Zealand and our adopted homes”.

About to approach broadcasters in New Zealand and seeking further funding to complete the series, a ten minute trailer was shown at the launch featuring fashion designer Emilia Wickstead, CEO of Evans Randall and former UK New Zealander of the Year Kent Gardner, pop opera legend Geoff Sewell and Snowden Hill the hair designer who has worked on every major international fashion show as well as styled the tresses of stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Taylor.

The support received for the project both here in London and back home in New Zealand has been overwhelmingly positive with The NZ Herald featuring a two page spread on the launch.

It’s time our tall poppies enjoyed some sun and Kea look forward to updating you with an on air site and start date for Dream Catchers early next year.

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