Dream Catchers is working in association with Careers and Transition Education New Zealand (CATE) to distribute the series throughout the New Zealand school system as an educational resource and career motivational tool. By highlighting the ‘journey’ of the individual and exploring a range of different occupations within a theme the Dream Catchers stories can be used by CATE’s members, partners and school careers advisors to encourage students to think big and follow their dreams.

 “The Focus of CATE is on the career education and development of youth and their transition from school into the wider world of employment, training and/or further education. By linking with Dream Catchers, CATE is able to demonstrate and showcase that Kiwis can fly! The Dream Catchers stories will be inspirational for the young people of Aotearoa New Zealand.”

Warwick Foy, President, Careers and Transition Education New Zealand (CATE)

“The Dream Catchers videos enable students to connect their learning with future pathways through the dreams and aspirations of New Zealanders like themselves “

Leigh Gray, Kaiārahi (Leader) CATE NZ

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