Dream Catchers is partnered with a select group of established, reputable and progressive organizations to help achieve its aims. These include:

The New Zealand High Commission London; overseas post for the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, managing New Zealand's political, economic and trade relations with the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The New Zealand High Commission is an overseas post of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Kea; the global community of Kiwis and friends of NZ that exists to inspire, connect and enable a borderless nation of one million advocates;

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Network for Learning; the Government created organisation to build a managed network specifically designed for New Zealand’s 2500+ schools and create an environment that encourages the uptake of digital learning in a seamless way. This managed network will ensure all schools have equitable access to safe, predictable, high quality teaching and learning resources.

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The New Zealand Society (UK); The New Zealand Society (UK), established over 85 years ago, is the oldest New Zealand networking society in London. The NZSUK is a non-profit voluntary society with a desire to put something back into the UK Kiwi Community and has assisted many worthy NZ/UK causes through their charitable fund.

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NZ-UK Link Foundation arranges and supports educational exchanges between NZ and the UK covering a wide range of educational disciplines – economic, social, cultural and scientific. Since 1990, over 250 individuals and groups have received awards, scholarships, grants, allowances and prizes from NZ-UK Link Foundation.

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The Dream Catchers project is very exciting to Kea and an important project for New Zealand. The inspirational feats of Kiwis leading their fields right around the world deserves greater recognition, and is something we can all aspire to." Craig Donaldson Kea Global CEO/ Board Member
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  • Production underway on Dream Catchers | Preview Video launched
    Production has started on Dream Catchers and the new trailer is available to view HERE- Please share the video with your friends and networks by clicking on the “paper plane” share button, and make sure you “Like" our Facebook page including selecting the “Get Notifications” options so we can keep you up to date with the team during production. We want every New Zealander at home and around the world to know about these incredible Kiwis living their dreams.
  • NZ Herald | New UK documentary celebrates expat Kiwis' success
    A property investor whose firm has a portfolio worth $8.2 billion, Gwyneth Paltrow's hairdresser and a fashion designer whose clients include the Duchess of Cambridge are among Kiwis profiled in a new documentary. Former model and TV presenter Hilary Timmins has launched Dream Catchers UK, which pays tribute to New Zealanders doing great things around the world.
  • NZ Herald | Former Lotto presenter on to a winner with TV series profiling successful expats
    Former Lotto presenter Hilary Timmins says there is a large number of Kiwis living overseas whose successes are flying under the radar. It's something she plans to change through a new television series, Dream Catchers, profiling a number of successful New Zealanders.
  • Kea | Guest Blog: Hilary Timmins launches Dream Catchers UK
    In association with Kea, The New Zealand High Commission and The New Zealand Society, Dream Catchers was launched at New Zealand House in London on Tuesday 28th October. Dream Catchers is an inspirational online/television series celebrating New Zealand’s global success stories, starting with those based in the UK with the opportunity to expand to Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific.
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Kea helps the 1 million Kiwis living offshore connect with home and with one another, enabling them to share and leverage global experience, knowledge and opportunities.
Our overall objective is to make a significant contribution to improving educational outcomes.
The New Zealand High Commission is an overseas post of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
The NZ-UK Link Foundation is all about linking some of the best Kiwi and British people, through a series of Fellowships and exchanges between the two countries.
The New Zealand Society provides opportunities for people with an interest in New Zealand who reside in the United Kingdom to meet socially.

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